moving day

So, i got my new digs.

Um, ok, so maybe they look exactly like my old digs. They’re just 3 cubes further down the row. And far less lonely. =( All my neighbors were casualties of the layoffs and I was the lone survivor for miles and being an extrovert I just couldn’t take the solitude!!

The cube to the left is Ed’s. Ed has two daughters (hence all of the photos on his file cabinet). Ed’s daughters give him a lot of toys and knick-knacks etc. which litter the once-bare surfaces of his cube. Before my relocation, they littered the surface of his shared cubicle walls. I had issue with this. I am not a knick-knack person and I did not want stuffed bumblebees and McDonald’s Happy Meal paraphernalia staring down at me while I worked on obituary photos all day. So we compromised. I was grateful.

I was however having a great deal of fun laughing at people who were having mild panic attacks when they reached my old desk. Given the layoffs, when you go to look for someone and find their desk completely bare, the usual assumptions take place and then you begin to wonder who is going to place your employment ad or edit your obituary photo now?? After a few minutes enough remorse had set in that I decided to let them know I had moved, especially since I was helping the new sales reps with employment ads and the brief, momentary panic on their faces was making me feel guilty. I’m wondering if I should send out change of address cards or something, or maybe a cubicle-warming party? Hey! That’s ruddy brilliant! I just now came up with that even!
Of course there’s always the one’s you want to hide from…perhaps I should have sent out a very selective memo in order to exclude those who love to monopolize my time with their problems assuming I have no other responsibilities to attend to. Love that.

And I got my new monitor thanks to my optometrist. Spending hours a day photo editing on an old CRT monitor was making my eyeballs feel like they were being shoved through a Play-Doh extruder.

Math geek humor time.

voulez voulez vous phi

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