Anyone got a Swiffer?

Ok, so I confess I’ve been a bit…neglectful of my blog. It’s a bit dusty.

But hey, I’ve been busy. I got laid off, I had a family tragedy to contend with, I spend hours a day opening emails that read, “We regret to inform you that we have filled this position. We appreciate your interest in this opportunity with us and we will retain your information for consideration in future openings.”, all the while sending out resumes that will result in more of aforementioned emails. I’m a busy girl.

I would however like to take a moment of silence for my (hand-me-down) XBox360. It died today. No more streaming Netflix for me. Which will make unemployment all the more unpleasant. Erngh.

I have been keeping busy. I decided to start a series of paintings in the hope of getting a “show” or something, ya know, make some money. They’re coming along well, I’ve busted out five so far. Fortunately Seattle isn’t a very artsy town so I see no competition whatsoever. I shall rule supreme. Oh yes. Something like that.

I have noticed, as I run errands and such during the day, the large number of people also running errands during the day. And I’m not talking during lunch hour. I’m talking 10am, 2pm…who are these people? Fellow unemployed? Is it that bad? Or what is it they do that they can just cruise around the Hill in the sunshine at a whim? I want to know…please? I want ice cream during work at 3:00 on a Tuesday! Molly Moo at Two on Tuesday.

I have invented a new word during my idle time. “Erngh”. The only problem is, it’s only meant for digital correspondence, it’s not meant to be verbal. I mean honestly, just try and say it aloud. It doesn’t work. You sound like a defective airhorn. I consider it to be the new “meh” just because I consider “meh” and perhaps “teh” to be old and played out now. Done. Although I have heard “sike” making a comeback and that shit needs to be nipped in the bud NOW. As in, when someone says it, men in black masks suddenly appear and cover the offender’s head in a burlap sack and bind their hands in twist-ties, throw them in the back of a van and drive screeching around the corner into an unmarked warehouse and engage in unspeakable acts of grammatical torture. Same with “rad”. Or any played-out 80’s phrase. The 80’s are a cultural FAIL.

I shall miss my streaming Netflix. Bummer.

Voulez-voulez-vous Microsoft FAIL. I am Jack’s total lack of surprise.

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