In the last couple of weeks, conversations, in one way or another, have somehow led me to ask a few people whether they were left or right-handed. However, in each instance, each person had to pause for a moment, think, and say, “I think I’m mostly _____-handed.”

“Mostly?” I ask. “As in, you’re ambidextrous?”

“Well, not completely, I can’t write with my left hand…”

“So you’re right-handed…”

“Yes, well…mostly…”

And then it occurred to me…in this technology-driven age, people don’t use writing to determine left or right-handed dominance anymore. It seems people don’t write all that often these days. Just look at penmanship as a whole…it seems to have deteriorated a bit, and I have friends who have admitted that it is due to lack of practice. I can hardly read a damn thing any of my coworkers write (granted they are men and I have NO problem stereotyping on this one…) and half the time I end up needing them to translate. These little crazy-ass phones are replacing the need for written correspondence, note-taking, journal-keeping (though I’m not one to criticize as I write in my blog but I’ll elaborate on this in a moment); we send terms of endearment in Times New Roman and birthday greetings in Comic Sans (Comic Sans! F*cking hell.). We txt, Tweet, email, comment, reply, fwd, cc, bcc…people’s lives have become so maddeningly busy, it’s all we can muster to maintain our numerous relationships anymore. I’m honestly afraid to get one of these devices, a) because I have an addictive personality and I spend enough time online as it is, and b) the data plan would suck my bank account dry. Most of my friends have these little devices and will be at social events endlessly plugging away on them all night as if they were the Cultural AttachĂ© for China. I confess to a few text volleyballs when I’m at a gathering…but checking email, social networking sites, the weather, their horoscope…honestly. My mom thinks it’s just ‘guys and their gadgets’ but I have female friends that are just as if not more guilty of this. Just look at the number of Facebook status updates that are made via mobile. I think this digitized, hurried, busy universe is why the creators of Facebook hit such a bloody goldmine. It’s brilliance is that just by clicking the “Like” button, you are able to say, “Hello! I exist!” to your friends, or “Facebook Friends”, in a subtle, dare I say, almost passive-aggressive way…of course when you’re one of their 376 “Friends” that may not always work, but for people like me (*ahem*) it’s ingenious.

Holy hell I strayed from my topic.

But I’m tired of typing because I like writing and drawing better. Because I’m right-handed. I’ll straggle back tomorrow. Maybe.

Voulez-voulez vous iPhone, Blackberry, Droid, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile?

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