A cup of tea would restore my normality. — Douglas Adams

So long as it involves lemon.

With the weather being so agreeable for once I’ve been able to resume my “Walking to Work” regimen. I was getting a bit lazy and had begun driving to work every day. Drive to work, sit on my ass all day, drive home, sit on my ass all evening. Makes for a larger ass.

This needed to be fixed.

Getting back into it, however, has developed into some rather serious shin splints. They’ll dissipate with time. It’s a four-mile trek round-trip that, with headphones and appreciation for Capitol Hill, makes for a pleasant albeit lengthy stroll. Although somehow, in defiance of natural law, Denny seems to be uphill no matter what direction you’re traveling. East, west, it’s all uphill. It’s a freak of city planning.

The addiction to my cell phone continues unabated. But the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. I can conquer this on my own, I don’t think self-help books or support groups will be necessary.

I need to learn code. I’m starting to study CSS basics. I need to increase my knowledge base. Perhaps now that I have this mask-making gig, I can afford some classes. This mask making gig has made me rather motivated in several facets of my life. I think it’s because for the first time, I feel validated and appreciated. For my art, of all things. Which is pretty goddamn significant.

Strange things are afoot in my work neighborhood. Strange things are always afoot in my work neighborhood. This time it happened to be a human being hauled out of the low-income housing apartment complex in a body bag yesterday morning. The city medical examiner and four police cars were attending to the situation. Animal control stopped by shortly thereafter to remove a couple of (what looked like) cats. I felt sad for the cats. I have this odd affliction where I tend to be more affected by animals experiencing misfortune than I do people. Most of the time it’s because people create their own misfortune, so it’s difficult for me to feel sorry for them. Animals are affected by circumstances beyond their control. My heartstrings are tugged when I see an emaciated kitty wandering around the neighborhood or an obviously neglected pooch on the loose. Which is how Doppler came to be the current love of my life. When asked if I have a boyfriend, I reply, “no, I feel one dog in my life is enough right now…”.

Hehee. Ouch.

Ah! It’s 11:11. I rule the universe for the next 60 seconds. Go fetch me a shrubbery.

Voulez-voulez-vous Ni!

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