No more space.

I am writing this on a new keyboard, since last night I clumsily overturned a bowl of miso broth on my original keyboard. (Dammit.) Surprisingly, the only thing that seemed (initially) affected was the space bar. SoIendeduptypinglikethis. Several expletives were uttered.

Thanks to many friends with many computers I was able to procure a replacement, albeit a Dell keyboard and not even close to coordinating with the pristine white of my Mac and it’s accompanying mouse. There’s no way I can invite people over now.

Doppler is staring out the window again. Looking for CAT. CAT has now become this annoyingly persistent saga. Spraying water in CAT’s face no longer deflects CAT. Doppler barking: no effect. Must find CAT solution. Because as it stands, it’s a 0-0 tie between Doppler and CAT, with 99% of altercations involving standoff in which Doppler has his paws on the windowsill, growling menacingly, and CAT on the landscaping logs, with a crazed, wild-eyed gaze, back arched in a manner not unlike a Slinky in the arc position. And then it’s as if someone hits ‘pause’ on the DVD. Until I bang on the window to upset their strange domesticated-animal-seance or I close the blinds, which results in Doppler walking about in circles, whimpering…pining for his one and only love/hate relationship. He doesn’t believe me when I tell him it would never work; the whole dog/cat dichotomy, CAT being from the wrong side of the tracks and seemingly harboring a deep hatred of his species. I can’t be too harsh on the old boy. I’ve seen people fight tooth-and-nail for much more complicated relationships.

Admittedly, he’s still easier than a kid. I can leave him alone in the apartment all day and not go to prison. Pure win.

Though we’ve got to work on the underwear-stealing issue.


3 thoughts on “No more space.

  1. Rob

    >Time for round 2: load the squirt gun not just with water, but something really stinky that CAT won't like (say walmart perfume). Then CAT must live with a stinkyness. CAT must learn.Warning: may be a breach of diplomatic relationship with neighbors (then again, their actions (letting CAT out) is bugging you every day…).


  2. Rob



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