A bushel and a peck.

1/11/11 has been seriously trying to steal my 11/11/11 thunder. People have been rather excited about this whole thing. I’ve been biting my tongue as I do not wish to squelch their enthusiasm.

I was shot several disapproving looks this morning when I relocated myself on the bus upon discovering the woman sitting behind me was on the verge of hacking up several layers of lung tissue. Apparently sparing her feelings was more important than preserving my health. I shot them a raised eyebrow sneer and went back to my Scrabble game on my phone. Triple word score. I will conquer this passive-aggressive Seattle bullshit if I have to start kicking them in the shins as they disembark from their morning commute one.by.one.

I noticed none of them volunteered to sit next to Typhoid Mary.

I recently signed up for Foursquare with the specific purpose of being able to appoint myself the Mayor of my favorite local hangout which, apparently, would only take me three visits to do so. At any rate, with the iPhone app, this basically allows you to stalk your friends (with their permission) so when they check into any given location it sends you an alert on your phone with the name and address of said establishment, in the event you wish to join them in their revelry or crash their get-together. The trend I have noticed is that my friends seem to have a copious amount of free time on their hands, checking into cafes, restaurants and bars at all hours, some at 11 am, 3 pm, 3 am…

You can learn a lot about a person by being privy to the establishments they frequent. You can even learn who they spend their free time with. For instance, two of my friends just checked into the same nail salon, concurrently. One could possibly assume they are getting manicures together. I don’t think people keep this in mind as often as they should…

I really don’t have much else to write about at the moment. Which is just fine, since my lunch break is wrapping up. I just noticed a time lapse between blogs that I felt I needed to remedy. I figured the interesting photo would compensate for the sub-par material.

Voulez-voulez-vous content fail.

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