Remember: Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.

Actually I lied. This past Tuesday was (allegedly) International Monty Python Day. Facebook status updates were abound with spam (the mishmashed pork product), Ni, father-hamsters, and Spanish Inquisitions. My page certainly wasn’t immune. The “Castle Anthrax Spanking” quote was by far my favorite. In fact, as of 6:30 am this morning the comments are still going strong. Perhaps I’ll post a screenshot later. On the bus at the moment.

Speaking of which, forgot my headphones on my desk at work yesterday. Which sucks because now I’m forced to listen to the sound of the wind and the chick behind me yelling at her boyfriend for thirty-five solid minutes. Time and place. Srsly.

For the longest time I would hear a dog crying in my building, or at least somewhere very near to it. The sort of tortured wails belonging to a creature bemoaning his abandonment while his parents left for work/friends/merriment/etc.
It was somewhat heartbreaking the pain expressed in the cries and yelps from this poor canine soul.


As I leave my apartment this morning I hear these selfsame tortured sounds intensify in volume and think, “oh, good heavens, he’s gotten outside…”,

I walk down Cherry and I notice a rather animated fellow, in shabby attire, hair wild and unkempt, face tilted toward the heavens, howling and yelping to any and all within earshot. The realization of the whole mad scene and my misplaced worry and concern sets in.

Sigh. Seattle.

Voulez-voulez-vous it’s people!!!

Location:Cherry St,Seattle,United States

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