Yes, it’s cold, it’s stark, it could use some drapes…

But…at least it’s Helvetica.

AND!  WordPress has an iPhone app.  Win.

I made the mistake of doing this switchover on a school night which means I’m going to be obsessed with fixing the graphics and layout for the next several hours despite needing to be up at 5am.

Ambition win, logistics fail.

Anyway, this is basically a test run to see if everything is hooked up and running properly.  God forbid I lose my social networking umbilical cord…


And hey!  There’s a “poll” button up there.  I can add a poll.  Let’s check this shit out.  Facebook shouldn’t have the monopoly on polls.



Ok, so maybe it’s not a poll.  And *I* don’t even know what the hell I’m talking about.  I snagged it from one of those SAT prep sites.  I did look at the answers in the back though.  Art majors have to do that sort of thing.  Maybe it’s because we’re too busy doodling in math class.


Voulez-voulez-vous relocation.

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