Would you be prepared if gravity reversed itself?

One thing I’ve noticed about WordPress is that it gives you the option to both categorize and add keywords to your posts; which I suppose is an altogether brilliant idea, as it provides somewhat of a filing system for your blog entries. Want to see everything you’ve ever written about turnips? BAM! There ya go. Need all your posts regarding the migratory patterns of African swallows? SHA-ZAM!!! The mere click of your mouse and it’s sheer magic. *Wipes a tear*

However comma…

I downloaded the WordPress iPhone app last night and was struck by two very real and very difficult-to-digest truths.

The app does not include the following features:
– autocomplete
– spell check
– auto-capitalization
– the “double-space enters a period” phenomenon.

The other harsh truth:

My iPhone has made me mentally retarded.

I originally began this post in the aforementioned app, prattling along as usual, assuming that the necessary “I”‘s and punctuation and “teh’s” were being handled for me as always, that my prose and brilliance and “stream of consciousness” method were going to be tended to with minimal effort on my behalf, because my phone loves me.

“Et tu, Brute?”

The paragraphs that resulted were an abomination that would incite the mockery of second-graders.

To remedy the situation would have taken four times longer than defaulting to my BlogPress app that provides such a babysitting feature, thus here I am. Tended to. Safe. Warm. Still feeling mentally retarded, to be un-P.C. (sorry about that…)

Mind you, when I’m at a computer I make no such assumptions regarding “Im” -> “I’m” etc, I am able to compose as I once did before such technologies existed. It is only in this environment where everything goes to hell. Perhaps it’s because my thumbs are not accustomed to operating solo, and they need a sort of grammatical “wingman”. All I know is that it will take time, patience, and a build-up of self-esteem before I can wander into *that* territory again. For now, I’m just not ready.

Voulez-voulez-vous i do not like green eggs and ham i do not like them sam i am

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