C’est pas ma faute.

Peut-etre j’ecrit en francais aujourd’hui. Mon grammaire est mal, depuis je n’ai pas ecrire en francais deupuis j’ai aller a l’universite. Ah, c’es bon. Quand…

Shit on that.

This technology-based journaling thing is a hard transition to make. I have been keeping a journal sporadically since I was 12. I still have all my journals. It’s interesting to look back at all my mistakes and how I learned from them. Or didn’t learn from them and kept making the same mistakes over again.

At least I’m consistent.

Over the past year I taught myself the Futhark alphabet (commonly known as the runic alphabet) just for the hell of it and began writing in my journals with it. Only problem is I can write in it fluidly, reading what I wrote becomes a problem. Funny how the mind works that way; of course I could just be a dumbass in denial. If only I had the learning capacity of a 5 year old again. Damn sponges, they are.

I still write in my journals. I love the art of the written word. I love studying ancient alphabets, long since weeded out. Tibetan is the most fascinating. See for yourself:


I love that site. The only alphabets I haven’t studied are the middle eastern ones; they are absolutely confusing. It seems like every letter is a lowercase cursive w. I don’t know how they distinguish from one word to another. Observe:

The Asian ones (with the exception of Tibetan) are proving difficult as well, because their alphabet is symbolic, much like the Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians, etc.

My favorite as of late is writing backwards. In cursive. I can now write backwards with the same speed and accuracy that I have writing left-to-right. Check this shit out:



So there’s my show-off for the day. Don’t do it very often, so my time has come ’round. Now my next task is to teach myself how to write Futhark backwards.

Voulez-voulez-vous Futhark.

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