>Toc toc toc mai qui est la?

>Damn. After spending my first day of house arrest cleaning each individual key on my keyboard (I have one of those clear-and-white mac keyboards) it has now since been littered with flecks of charcoal and specks of paint. Flecks and specks. Flecks and specks and pre-flight checks and wringing necks and virus-detects and pyro-techs and pile-up wrecks.


Dum diddy dum dum dum diddy dum.

Hello Mr. Zebra. Can I have your sweater?

Getting a tied-up hair headache. Untie hair…still wet from shower this MORNING! Oooh…still smalls like lavender and rosemary. I guess that’s okay.

I need to start keeping more regular sleep hours or i’m going to run into some serious jet-laggish problems when I go back to work next week. That’ll be a pisser. Ah!! Bryan finally went to his room. Sometimes I hate that damn TV. It’s this 60-inch monstrosity that encompasses virtually an entire wall in what would otherwise be an idyllic room. He has to have the TV on for the sake of having it on. Loud. I swear the man’s going deaf. Oh, damn…he told me today he’s reading these. I’d better shut the hell up now…love you, schweets!

Ohkay. Popcicles are indeed the coolest thing ever.

voulez-voulez-vous popcicles.

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