Work Work Work.

The cleaning staff here at work threw my not-yet-empty box of Special K away. Sad.
At least they left the blackberries.
They were probably disgruntled because yesterday, Casey, the valet manager, received these huge signs for posting outside of restaurants, bars, etc. These signs came in very large boxes. These very large boxes contained a very large amount of Styrofoam. Upon removal of aforementioned signs, the Styrofoam began to disintegrate, leaving tiny white beads of messy puffiness all over the office floor. All over the floor. I neglected to photograph the situation to my dismay. I didn’t think I’d be writing about it…
So, every square inch of office floor was littered with tiny little shreds of Styrofoam. Like snow. So, like I said, upon discovery of the task awaiting them, the cleaning staff probably threw out my cereal in a form of protest.

I completed another mask last night, which I’m pleased about, because it means that I can create a mask from start to finish in 3-5 hours. I’m pleased by this increase in efficiency. I was distracted, however, by the old home video I discovered while looking for art supplies. It was from 1985, and my grandmother had given it to me some time ago. I hadn’t yet watched it because, really, who owns a VCR anymore? Fortunately my housemate does, and since she is on vacation I thought she wouldn’t mind my borrowing it for my nostalgia binge. I had forgotten how buck-toothed I was (in 1990 I hit a dog on my bike, flew over the handlebars, and broke off said teeth. Blessing in disguise – I then had nicely shaped porcelain replacements.). My mother had the huge, perm white girl afro thing going on…my brother was 5 years old and sounded like a girl. Good stuff, that.

I think the next several days of “home by myself” time will be good for productivity. I’ve never been able to make a mask from start to finish in one night without any distractions, unless you count Doppler whacking me with his rope because I’m not paying him any attention. I have some more mask blanks arriving in the mail soon, but I would eventually like to get to the point where I’m making my own paper mache so that the mask is completely my creation. That will take some time and face donors for me to use as molds. What’s cool about that is I can custom-make masks modeled after the person it’s for. But, one step at a time. I have to see if these things will sell before I get too excited. I meet with the shop owner tomorrow so I’ll have a better sense of how successful this could be.

Back to stuffing envelopes for me.

Voulez-voulez-vous W-2’s.

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