Karma finally kicks in.

So, last Friday I took my masks to the costume shop (A Masquerade) as scheduled. After waiting for about 20 minutes for the manager to appear, I opened the plastic tub containing my wares. Unexpectedly, they were received with much squealing and and giddiness. She was so thrilled and amazed by the amount of work and detail I put into them. I was positively blown away; I had seen masks on their wall that I considered to be far more impressive than mine, however she regarded them as being “completely unique” and “stunning”, and exclaimed that she would be honored to have them in her shop. I was then giddy and squealing. After discussing how we would price them (she was FAR less conservative than I) she plugged them into an Excel spreadsheet to calculate what my cut would be.

She handed me a check for $1450.00.

$1450.00???. I had to steady myself on the counter.

So, it looks like I will be selling my masks in her shop and on the website as well. This is amazingly exciting.

I now have a cubic butt-ton of work to do.

Voulez-voulez-vous the sweet smell of success.

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